Chocolate Custard Shakes At Short Order

Never let it be said that bribery doesn’t work when it comes to putting bums on restaurant seats. We tasted dozens of delicious recipes at last month’s LA Street Food Fest but only one  participant gave us the chance to try a free signature menu item if we visited their restaurant.

Short Order’s location at the Original Farmer’s Market next to The Grove has made it hard to miss. The final push that I needed to check them out came when they gave us tokens for a free custard milkshake just for visiting their booth. Custard? Milkshake? Yeah, that was happening.

Off we went, token in hand, to have brunch at Short Order. At first, it wasn’t looking especially promising as we waited patiently for a member of staff to notice us so that we could be seated. I’d blame it on them being super busy but there were only two other customers in the restaurant.

Short Order Los Angeles

Eventually, we were seated and from there everything was on the up. Our waitress recognized the custard shake tokens and said she had been one of the people handing them out. Sometimes when I am using a coupon for a free item I feel judged. Maybe like I am trying to get away with something?  Instead she made us feel that we were doing her a favor by responding to their promotion and proving it would bring new customers to the restaurant. That it did.

Mason Jar Glass

Not that long ago, I was lamenting about the apparent lack of good milkshakes in Los Angeles. Clearly, that was before I had tried the chocolate custard milkshake at Short Order.

For some reason, I had my camera set to black and white for the first few shots that I took during our meal at Short Order but even in those tones you can admire the perfect thickness of the shake.

Custard Milkshake

Thick enough that a straw can stand straight up in the chocolatey goodness but not so impossibly thick that you can’t drink it with the straw. In this case, it needed to be a super wide straw that was needed but that’s all the better.

Soon enough,I noticed that I had the wrong camera setting and switched over to color so that I could show you the shake in its full glory. Isn;t that toasty brown color inviting? The chocolate used to make the custard milkshakes is a rich tasting and not overly sweet. I’m a dark chocolate type of gal so that was spot on for my tastebuds.

Short Order Chocolate Custard Milkshake

We both agreed that it wouldn’t the the last time we had a custard milkshake at Short Order. There is a vanilla variety on the menu and I’ll probably try to to make myself try that but it is going to be difficult to bypass the chocolate.

Chocolate Custard Milkshake

The food we had alongside our milkshakes was also good. We both had the corned beef hash. It felt appropriate to have a breakfast-ish dish at brunch. Presented nicely in individual cast iron dishes, the Short Order corned beef hash was a step above normal greasy spoon hash.

Short Order Corned Beef Hash

The meat was a high quality corned beef brisket. The sort that has a nice chew and just enough bits of delicious fat in the mix to make the corned beef even more delicious. The rest of the dish consisted of cubed potatoes, caramelized onions, tomatoes and charred romain lettuce. Of course, no corned beef hash would be complete without a fried egg on top.

Fried Egg On Corned Beef Hash

I posted a short video on Instagram of the moment I broke the yolk on that fried egg. There is something sexy about watching that golden yolk  slowly spread over the hash that borders on sexy. Don’t you think?


Buttermilk Pancakes at Du-par’s

I have been craving pancakes for weeks. Whenever I ask somebody (or Google) for the best pancakes in Los Angeles, Du-Par’s on Third and Fairfax is always on the list. This morning,we finally went over to the Farmer’s Market to try them out.

This was a time where the experience of a dish lived up to the hype. The Cliff Notes version of my review is – yummy!

I ordered the short stack blue plate special. Which, was three large buttermilk pancakes and two slices of crispy bacon.

Du-par's short stack

Until today, I had never seen pancakes served with a side of melted butter. What a great way to get that super indulgent fluffy pancake breakfast experience. Fluffy may be a bit of an understatement for Du-par’s buttermilk pancakes. Essentially, they were pancake pillows with dimples placed throughout so that the melted butter and maple syrup could soak all the way into the pancake.

Du-par's panckaes

They were the first pancakes I have had in a long time where I could actually taste the butter part of the buttermilk in the batter. So far, the Du-par buttermilk pancakes are without a doubt the best pancakes I have had in Los Angeles.

Maybe I should just let my finished plate be my review.

Du-par's blue plate

I’ve put together a short video of our visit to Du-par’s to show you just how fluffy those pancakes were this morning.