Hanging out with Grumpy Cat

What a random day!

Last night, I had a work related event to attend. My best friend is in the same industry and was there as well. As is not unusual, the event went into the wee hours and his drive was long enough that I gave the thumbs up to him crashing on my sofa.

When we finally emerged this morning, I mentioned in passing that I had read in LA Weekly that there was an internet cat video festival being held in Los Angeles today. The next thing I know, we were printing out tickets and heading out to the venue.

It was all a hoot. From seeing so many cat related t-shirts (I went for a leopard skin patterned top) to joining in communal laughter as some 85 internet cat videos were played on the big screen.

The true highlights were the festival’s feline guests. The original internet kitty superstar, Keyboard Cat was there. His owner came off as a really nice guy and told us with pride that Keyboard Cat will be the halftime entertainment at this year’s Puppy Bowl.

It is with nothing but endearment that I say that cat people can be a bit passionate when it comes to cats. That is the case with just about any cat. So, image the reaction of a room full of cat people when the one and only Grumpy Cat was brought onto the stage.  The guy hosting the event did request that everybody do a soft clap so not to spook the cats but the ‘awwwwes’ were probably louder than the clapping would have been.

Grumpy Cat owner

I suppose that I had never really given the size of Grumpy Cat much thought but boy that kitty is tiny.  His owner could easily hold Grumpy Cat with just one hand. Though, of course, she is a responsible owner and supported the cat securely with both hands.

Grumpy Cat

It did cross my mind that cats truly had won when bunch of humans were lining up to worship them. Even if the majority of the crowd were pretending to do so in an ironic way;