The Melt makes me a fan before even tasting the food

I’ll hold up my hands and admit that I am a phone addict. Honestly, I sleep with my iPhone under my pillow. Public transport features heavily in my life in Los Angeles and I barely go anywhere without my headphones plugged into my phone so I can listen to music or a podcast.

Also, I use the phone a lot for my street photography hobby. All of which is great but also pretty heavy on the battery. So, even a fairly short journey from my place in Koreatown to the Archlight cinema on Sunset Boulevard will drain so much of my battery that it would be questionable if I would make it back home before it ran out of juice.

It was during a low battery moment that I went into The Melt on Sunset.  I had something from The Melt’s food truck before at an event held at Paramount studios and it was pretty good. The problem for me generally is that they specialize in grilled cheese and I’m lactose intolerant and my boyfriend hates cheese.

So, it wouldn’t be my normal go to place but that day it looked like a a good place to take a load off my feet and recharge. Recharge is the word too because it wasn’t the menu that made me a fan. Though, that is all very good. It was that each of the tables in The Melt’s Sunset Boulevard location had one of these nifty devices on them.

The Melt chargers

They are charging stations with both an electrical socket and two USB ports. Wow. It is amazing what a difference such things make to your experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the food at The Melt was incredibly good. I ordered their bacon Ruben melt which was really tasty. They even made me like pumpernickel bread. Which is something I would normally would have avoided.

Melt Bacon Ruben

However, it is the thought that went behind the charging stations that will make The Melt my go to spot when my phone juice is running low in Hollywood. Which, guarantees a purchase and loyalty from me. I hope that other restaurants take note. After all, just having sockets available for laptops has been a component to Starbucks success.




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