My first Randy’s Donuts & Foodie Periscope Broadcast

I got married two weeks ago. I am so happy that myself and Chris are finally husband and wife. Not just because he is the most wonderful person that I have ever met – and he is – but also because it means that I am now no longer planning a wedding. Everything went great – yay for Etsy! – but boy did it take up nearly every spare moment of my life. Which, of course, meant just about no time to blog. I did a lot of Instagram posting though so don’t forget to follow me over there with the same Doughgasm name. I love following other foodies too so let me know your account name too.

Speaking of foodie social media, I recently discovered Periscope broadcasts. If you haven’t heard of Periscope, it is an app that is like a cross between Snapchat and Twitter but with streaming video. People smartphones to run personal streams and anybody else using the app can join and watch a slice of somebody’s life through their eyes.

People are using Periscope to share everything from city tours, makeup tutorials and news events.  It is still such a new thing that there aren’t a huge number of people using it but since Twitter is behind Periscope, it is being given a big push and  I am seeing more and more people starting Periscope broadcasts everyday.

Not shockingly, foodies are recognizing the possibilities and using Periscope to do cooking demonstrations and food reviews. I was on Periscope for about day before I was itching to do my own foodie Periscope broadcast.

Randy's Donuts

This morning, we decided head on down Randy’s Donuts to do my first food Periscope broadcast. Despite having lived in Los Angeles for nearly three years now, this was also my first visit to the Los Angeles foodie institution.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to do a Periscope broadcast that would really draw in foodies. Figuring that jumping in at the deep end was the way to go, I began my Periscope broadcast as soon as we got into the line at Randy’s.

The first step was to give the broadcast a name. That is important because otherwise, other Periscope users aren’t going to know what my Scope (what an individual broadcast is called) is about and most likely won’t watch it.

Periscope broadcast

I used hashtags because the Periscope account is attached to my Doughgasm Twitter account and has the option of sending out a tweet when I go live on a broadcast. As long as I keep those tags within the first 140 characters of the Periscope title, the tags will be active on Twitter.

Randy’s Donuts was fairly busy this morning which resulted in a pretty long wait. That turned out to be okay for the Periscope broadcast because it kept us on around long enough for people to find the scope and start chatting to me.

As I showed the viewers the menu at Randy’s Donuts they started to give me advice on which donuts I should order. Some of them based on their own experience of Randy’s and some just on what sounded good to them. Either way, it was a lot of fun to be sharing the experience.  As you can see in the image, the chat from the Periscope broadcast viewers comes up as text messages on the screen.

Periscope conversation

The broadcaster, on the other hand, is communicating through voice.

This came more into play when it was time to show off the donuts we had bought. I could  describe the texture and taste of the donuts in detail while using the camera to get up close and show the audience that detail. This glazed donut, for example has a wonderfully springy nature to the dough and I was able to let them see me squeeze into that dough while describing how it felt under my fingers.


The chocolate old fashioned donut that I had was an entirely different donut in both texture and taste. I enjoyed being able to live review both donuts and explain the differences in both as I was trying them rather than having the delay between eating and blogging.

food Periscope

The hearts you are seeing one the right hand of the picture are a reward of appreciation from viewers. When they like something that is being done in a Periscope broadcast they tap the screen and hearts float up the side. The hearts that you collect in each Periscope broadcast go towards your overall heart count. The more hearts you have, the higher you appear on the Periscope account list and the easier you are for people to find and follow you.

Overall, the donuts at Randy’s Donuts were tasty. I’m not sure they were mind blowing but I wouldn’t say no to going there again. Especially with most of the donuts costing between 80 cents and a dollar. The actual glaze on the glazed donut managed not to be overly sweet which made working my way through the fluffy dough monster all the more enjoyable.

The chocolate old fashioned, on the other hand, had topping which was more of a fudgy frosting than a glaze. After a few bites it became much too sweet for my tastes but the actual donut itself was a tasty enough chocolate cake that I kept going (fat girl problems) until that slab of cake was finished. If I wasn’t lactose intolerance, I would have said a tall glass of milk to be it’s perfect pairing,

Without a doubt, sharing the experience on Periscope is what truly made going to Randy’s Donut’s memorable.

If you aren’t on Periscope, now is the perfect time to check it out. The community is growing at a rapid pace and, from what I have seen, it has the potential to become a huge player in the social media world.

You can find the Periscope app in the Apple App store or on Google Play for Android devices. Their is also a Periscope App website with links and a development blog.

Once you have joined, don’t forget to follow me on Periscope. You can find me there as Doughgasm.  If you tell me you found me through this post, I will be sure to follow you back!

Periscope profile

Before I go, here is the video from the portion of my Periscope broadcast where I reviewed the donuts. The saved file doesn’t show the chat text or hearts. So, you are only hearing one side of the conversation but you will get a good look at donuts we bought and hear the donut review.

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