MTV gets LA based food reality show. Shamefully, I will watch.

Well done MTV, you found a way to get me to watch your channel for the first time in years. Of course, it has nothing to do with music.

Cooking shows always have a strong chance with me but make it a cooking game show and I am there. At least at the start.  All of which, I say in order to excuse the fact that I will be setting my DVR for the first episode of MTV’s new House of Food which launches on March 31st.

House of Food

House of Food is being billed as what would happen if Top Chef and Real World had a TV baby.  Unless MTV gets into a time machine and goes back to pre-1996 Real World, I could happily do without the Real World part of that equation.

I am, after all, the person that fast forwards through all the sob story bits on skill-based reality shows. Even when I watch Chopped. Just start cooking. Unless your tears are the secret ingredient in your vinaigrette, I don’t really care.

What does speak to me about MTV’s House of Food is that it is apparently eight untrained cooks being taught by ‘the best chefs in LA’.  As an LA foodie, how could I not want to watch that?  I suppose that there is also some hope that it will encourage the youth that do still watch MTV to start cooking.

It is just about enough for me to get over the bit in the House of Food trailer where one contestant declares, “My heart sank to my freaking vagina”.  If that is the tone, I’m not sure I will make it past the first couple episodes but, as all foodies know, the proof is in the pudding.

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