Hipster hooray for Nickel Diner

People sure do like to hate on hipsters.  Certainly, those that decide to follow hipster fashion must know that they are going to be getting attention from the ‘norms’ but is it really all that different from the grunge kids of our generation or whatever fashion driven subculture of those before us?

Living in Los Angeles, I have learned if you want good food in an interesting setting then you could do a lot worse than to follow where the hipsters go to eat. To date, my greatest success to stem from that philosophy was my discovery of Nickel Diner.

There is no getting around the fact that Nickel Diner is a hipster haven. Watching people go by while waiting for your table is like having a floor show added to the meal for free.

nickel diner hipsters nickel diner hipsters

All of which might turn into a bit of a joke if the food wasn’t any good. Let me tell you though, Nickel Diner is the bees knees. The theme of the menu is to take classic diner style food and kick it up to another level. Comfort food with style.

My first visit to Nickel Diner, was a true exercise in indulgence. Between us, myself and my friend created our own tasting menu by ordering two main dishes each and sharing. I ordered the spicy pulled pork sandwich and the biscuits and gravy. I’m not sure of the first dish she ordered but the second was the unforgettable smac and cheese.

The pulled pork sandwich was insanely good. More tangy than really spicy, the sauce woke up my taste buds with a swift kick. The slaw they put on top had just the right amount of dressing. Allowing it to help along the flavors of the sandwich than having excess mayo running into that yummy BBQ sauce.

Spicy Pulled Pork Sandwich Nickel DinerSmac and Cheese

I almost wish that I hadn’t also ordered the biscuits and gravy because then I would have had a clear cut Nickel Diner favorite that I would order time and time again. Instead, the fluffy homemade biscuits and the creamy sausage gravy forces me to decide between two amazing dishes.

Just when we thought that we were too stuffed to manage another bite, the wonderfully evil ladies of Nickel Diner presented us with their dessert tray. OMG! I hardly ever order dessert when I go out to eat but before I knew it, we had four different desserts on our table.

Nickel Diner Desserts

The bread pudding was lovely.  The homemade Ding Dong was as tasty as it was clever and the strawberry doughnut was so fluffy and the perfect balance of sharp sweetness. As good as all of those were, there was one dessert that blew my mind. If I was ever put on one of those best things I have ever eaten food porn shows, I would have to have it on my list.

Say it with me. Chocolate peanut butter potato chip cake.  This cake should not work but it is divine.

Nickel Diner cake chocolate peanut butter potato chip cake

It does help that I love peanut butter and I greatly approve of the trend of combining sea salt and dark chocolate. Still though, potato chips in a cake? The cake is so rich between the chocolate cake, solidly packed creamy frosting and gooey peanut butter that the layer of chips actually serves to lighten up the overall taste of the cake. The crunch they add is great too.

If anybody ever wants to order me a birthday cake, call Nickel Diner and place and order because this is the cake.

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